Little Wingers Workshops
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Little Wingers Workshops

Calling all Little Wingers!

Plan a unique party or treat for the kids with our Little Winger Workshops, for only £7.95 per child, and sharpen their culinary skills in the process!


What will they do?

During the workshop, our Little Wingers in Training will be taught briefly about the origins of pizza, and shown the healthy alternatives for toppings. Once their basic training has been completed, it’s time for them to receive their very own chef’s hats and aprons and create a masterpiece. Each Little Winger will create a pizza from scratch, rolling their dough and adding the toppings of their choice before handing them to the chef to be cooked in the oven.

Fresh dough sticks and homemade garlic butter will be at the ready while their pizzas cook in the oven, and once they have finished their delicious pizzas, a choice of ice cream with a mini hot chocolate will be served for dessert – yummy!


Who can get involved?

Ordinarily our Little Wingers Workshops are aimed towards young children from 5-8 years old, but we are happy to accommodate other groups upon request. We have even accommodated some adult Little Wingers In Training upon occasion, should you wish to channel your inner child! We can accommodate up to 20 children in our workshops.


Tell me more!

Parties last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Our restaurants do not close during parties so workshops are normally from 11am to 12.30pm, however, depending on party size and date of booking, flexibility may be possible.

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I’m in – how do I book?

Booking is simple – just contact your local Little Wing and ask about availability

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